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Our Wild Impact

Wild John is dedicated to offering functional performance products to outdoor enthusiasts and athletes while partnering with conservation projects committed to environmental problem solving, conservation awareness, and sustainable access to our natural resources.

Every sale of a Wild John product provides a valuable dollar to one of our featured conservation projects selected by our customer after their purchase.

The health of our outdoor ecosystems is critical to the ongoing success of humanity. Outdoor enthusiasts and athletes are the foundation to sustainable use conservation. We understand the relationship between availability, responsible use, and the preservation of our environmental resources. It’s our love, passion, happiness, and spiritual outlet. We respect the value that our outdoor ecosystems provide and are willing to invest our energy, time, and resources in protecting it from the environmental challenges that arise in our complicated world.

Project Hiu

Hiu, being the Indonesian word for shark, is an initiative which aims to provide alternative income to fishermen in one of the largest shark fisheries in Indonesia, and the world. By hiring shark fishing boats and the locals that man them, Project Hiu seeks to engage the fisherman in every different role. Tourism provides a natural, alternative income that simultaneously and effectively protects sharks. Project Hiu is founded on the recognition that the very solution to saving sharks lies with the men who kill them.

Muley Fanatic Foundation

The Muley Fanatic Foundation strives to protect and conserve wildlife and their habitats in the United States. The foundation’s primary focus is the conservation of mule deer, whose populations have been in decline over the past 30 years. They are involved in many projects to carry out their mission, including building wildlife crossings, studying deer to make informed decisions to maximize conservation practices, and working on policy that will maximize mule deer populations. Muley Fanatic Foundation works with hunters to maximize their conservation efforts. They also provide supporting services to further the sport of hunting and maintain optimal wildlife management.

The Muley Fanatic Foundation strives “to ensure the conservation of mule deer and their habitat and to provide such supporting services to further the sport of hunting and sound wildlife management.”

$1 from every product purchased goes to one of our Wild Impact conservation projects of your choice

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