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Wild Impact Conservation Projects

Tag a Tiger

Tiger sharks are one of the most threatened and targeted species by Indonesian shark fishermen in their fisheries. It’s very important for us to understand the habits and travel patterns of tiger sharks in this region in order to better protect them. Project Hiu is going to tag tiger sharks in these waters to help build this important data. Each WJ $1.00 donation will help support tagging a tiger.

Save a
Buck Project

Mule deer travel and migration routes frequently include crossing busy highways placing both the deer, vehicle, driver, and passenger(s) at risk of a collision. These collisions pose enormous risk of bodily damage for both game and vehicle passengers, including death. Highway 189 in South Kemmerer, Wyoming is a route full of collisions between vehicles, mule deer and other wildlife. Muley Fanatic Foundation is assisting in a project solution. Every $1.00 donated by WJ on behalf of the customer will go to building a deer high fence, wildlife overpasses, and underpasses for deer and other wildlife to safely use their travel routes without the threat of being struck by a vehicle. This will save countless deer and other wildlife as well as human tragedy.
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