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Our Mission

Wild John is dedicated to protecting and managing the environment to preserve its natural resources. By fostering a community of passionate conservationists, Wild John strives to improve access to these resources and create a more sustainable future.

Madison Makoff

Founder’s Story

I founded Wild John because I am a passionate outdoors woman and a career ocean conservationist. My true love is sharks, one of the most misunderstood, maligned, and threatened species on earth. I am also a health enthusiast that uses nutrition and outdoor activity to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. Wild John is a combination of those interests. I want to help people perform at their best with functional performance nutritional products and build a community committed to outdoor conservation and sustainable access to the outdoor activities we cherish.

My dad John started taking me surfing and hiking when I was really little so I could appreciate nature. My appreciation for the outdoors quickly grew and my time outside inspired me to become an active conservationist. At thirteen, I started diving with sharks. I fell in love with their beauty and place in the ocean. I am interested in doing anything I can to help these amazing animals. My dad has been instrumental in helping me find and pursue this passion. Appropriately, the company is named after him, welcome to Wild John.

Our Wild Impact

Wild John is dedicated to offering functional performance products to outdoor enthusiasts and athletes while partnering with conservation projects committed to environmental problem solving, conservation awareness, and sustainable access to our natural resources.

Every sale of a Wild John product provides a valuable dollar to one of our featured conservation projects selected by our customer after their purchase.

The health of our outdoor ecosystems is critical to the ongoing success of humanity. Outdoor enthusiasts and athletes are the foundation to sustainable use conservation. We understand the relationship between availability, responsible use, and the preservation of our environmental resources. It’s our love, passion, happiness, and spiritual outlet. We respect the value that our outdoor ecosystems provide and are willing to invest our energy, time, and resources in protecting it from the environmental challenges that arise in our complicated world.

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